Adding Your Tribute Site

You can add your MuchLoved Tribute to a garden by selecting the Remembrance Gardens option in your Tribute Settings panel.

You are able to choose the image and the text that actually displays in the garden and links through to your tribute site. Normally this will be a picture and words of tribute selected from your site but you can decide exactly what is used.

If you have not yet created your website you can create a free tribute in just a few minutes but please note that you will need to authenticate your site by completing a quick online confirmation form before it can be made public and hence added into the gardens.

Enabling Public Access

All new tributes default to private access only and are only given public viewing access if and when the Tribute Guardian (site creator) chooses this. You will need to firstly enable public access if you wish to display your tribute in the remembrance gardens and you can choose this option in your settings panel.

This ability to set and control the level of privacy required is a fundamental part of the MuchLoved memorial service as we believe that this is critical in ensuring that the tribute becomes a positive, healing memorial.

As well as choosing between having a private or public site, you can still select to have a public access enabled site without necessarily joining the remembrance gardens. It's left completely up to you to decide whether and when you wish to join.

Adding to multiple memorial gardens

There is also the option to add your tribute to more than one of the memorial gardens so you do not have to make a choice between alternatives. With over 50 available Remembrance Gardens hopefully you will find that you have more than one favourite place to display your tribute. You can also switch between gardens whenever you wish and you can leave or rejoin the gardens entirely at any time without limit.

Keeping control over postings

Tribute sites added to the remembrance gardens are likely to have more visitors, many of whom may wish to leave you a message of support or condolence. This may well be one of your motivations for joining the gardens and of course you can select to review and approve all contributions before they are actually added onto your site. If however you would like to display your site to visitors but would prefer not to receive any actual messages, please note that there is an option in your Contribution Settings to remove the ability for guests to post messages or to send pictures and other contributions to your site.