Free Online Memorial

Most people do not have the time, money or computing skills to be able to first create and then host their own website memorial and this is where the Muchloved service helps.

With MuchLoved there is no charge to create an online memorial and we also offer to host your free memorial website without charge for 10 years. Your website is provided with sufficient memory-space to add unlimited pages of information, hundreds of photos and also some music tracks which is enough memory space for nearly all our users. If you wish to add substantial amounts of music and video to your Tributes, you can easily add additional memory-space whenever you want, although we ask for a small contribution towards the costs of providing this.

Memorial options and features

Your free memorial site has many beautiful design options and remembrance features to choose from such as the following:

We have designed the service to help people dealing with the death of a loved one to cherish and pay lasting tribute to their memory and we have an on-going schedule of planned improvements and features to help ensure that it continues to be of help and support.

Why MuchLoved is different

MuchLoved has a different ethos as it is a registered charity and not a business. We are here to help people as they try to cope with the pain of loss and to pay lasting tribute to their loved one. We work with leading bereavement organisations such as Cruse Bereavement Care and run a bereavement support community with an online community help section. There are a wide variety of sensitive and inspiring website designs to choose from and the Tribute Guardian (our name for the site creator) keeps complete control over site appearance and privacy at all times.

MuchLoved is a founding member of The Memorial Code designed to establish the general principle of stewardship that memorial websites exist to serve and support the needs of bereaved people. It also sets out the key rights and responsibilities of both the service provider and the memorial creator. As there are different types of online memorial provider including a number of commercial operators, people are advised to find out whether there is advertising on the site or other strings attached. Above all, creators should make sure that their site will have robust authentication controls and be password-protected so that it can remain private and avoid sites without clear privacy safeguards or a firm financial foundation.

We really hope that our service can be of help and support to you.