Fundraising In Memory

In the same way as you may light a candle or plant a tree, creating a tribute website in memory of a loved one is a very special way to remember them. It enables you and your family and friends to share memories and pay lasting tribute together and many people draw much comfort and strength through the creation and development of such memorial sites.

Our tribute websites enable you to not only add photos and memories but also to select to fundraise for the charity or cause of your choice. Increasing numbers of people are looking to respond to the death of a loved one by using this facility and we have a short video on how to fundraise in memory for your chosen cause available to view.

This might be to support the work of a particular charity, to help fund its research, or simply as a way of thanking a support organisation such as a hospice that may have helped. It could be also that your loved one had a personal favourite charity in life that you wish to continue to support into the future.

Donations in lieu of flowers

A growing request as part of arranging a funeral is to request donations for a chosen charity in lieu of flowers and many MuchLoved website creators now use their tribute sites as the means for collecting and displaying such donations. By collecting through your tribute site, you are able to directly link, display and dedicate the money raised to the memory of your loved one.

Starting a Tribute Fund

Setting up an In Memoriam website helps ensure that your loved one is never forgotten and is also a positive and simple way for friends and family share and contribute to your special memories. By setting up a Tribute Fund as part of your website you will be raising money in a commemorative way that keeps the memory of your loved one as the focus and inspiration for all your efforts.

Finding out more about In Memoriam Fundraising

There is more detail on how the in memoriam fundraising facility works on the main MuchLoved information website and Thank you so much for considering raising money for good causes in memory of your loved one.

How to become a MuchLoved Partner

If you help run a charity or beneficent organisation you may wish to contact us to find out more about charity fundraising through our Tribute fund Service