The Remembrance Gardens

The Remembrance Gardens are a collection of virtual gardens created and tended by the online memorial charity, MuchLoved. If you have created a MuchLoved Tribute you can choose a resting place for your Tribute in a garden of your choice. The Gardens have been planted to help Tribute Guardians commemorate their loved ones in public and help them provide and gain support from other like-minded members of the MuchLoved community.

We hope that the Gardens will become a helpful addition to the MuchLoved memorial website service and, similarly, they are offered free of charge and without obligation. The Gardens are also open to the general public allowing anyone to find and visit MuchLoved Tributes placed here. MuchLoved offers a range of privacy options and so naturally Tribute Guardians can control and restrict the appearance of their Tributes in the Gardens using the 'The Remembrance Gardens' section of their MuchLoved settings panel.

Please walk softly

MuchLoved Online Memorials and Remembrance Gardens are used by many different people for a wide range of reasons and experiences of loss. Whilst most of the memorials are created in memory of pre and post birth babies, children and adults who have died, there are also some tributes for people living with a terminal illness. Within the words and images of pride and love expressed by all our users through their tributes, there is naturally a great deal of individual pain and anguish often and we ask everyone to respect the wishes and uniqueness of grief and loss felt by all our community of users.

We appreciate your understanding and acceptance of this request to ensure that our community remains a very special and healing place for everyone.