Thank you for all your very kind messages and testimonials about how the online tribute and remembrance garden options have helped as part of your grieving and remembrance and we are delighted to share a few of them with you.

Can I again say how brilliant your website has been. I've been running a tribute for my best friend since he died in January and both his friends and family have been greatly comforted by the ability to contribute to the site.
John Madden

Thank you for your wonderful website, if my mom were alive she would appreciate you too.
Rachel Costa

What a beautiful thing MuchLoved is, both the concept and the execution. Congratulations and thank you.
Christopher Noel

Building up a memorial to Dave on your site helped me deal with raw emotions and was a form of therapy in the darkest days after I had lost him. Everyone says just how good it is and how much they enjoy looking through it at the happy times and memories. It's there in perpetuity and will be there for my daughter when she is older as she lost him at such a young age. Thanks a million.
Lindsay Anne Kelsey

I came upon Muchloved by sheer chance, and I am so glad I did. Thank you so very much,
Bernard Willers

I came to this site earlier this year due to the death of my mum, I set up a tribute to her which has helped me start to come to terms with what has happened. The community has the most amazing people who have become very close friends and they give each other the support and help needed on this terrible journey. Thank you for everything you do to make our journey a little less painful.
Ruth Rowan

Creating a memorial tribute to my husband Jerry was a turning point in my grief, I think. As everyone else posted, it was so helpful to write down my thoughts and feelings, and to have a special place to go to look at his photos and read over my thoughts. I continue to add new thoughts to my journal, but they are fewer now. I am far from healed, but I would never have got to this point without the support from the website and all the members in the forum. Keep up the great work you are doing.
Michelle Tanley

I have made a memorial to my dad who passed away from bowel cancer, I had to get my thoughts out, and to look back on my thoughts at those sad times does help, you can see the changes in your mind as time goes by. I'm not saying for one second that the loss goes away, it doesn't but you do learn to cope with your grief, and grief is different for everyone, however seeing your thoughts written down is an excellent way of getting them out there, and not holding them in your head....and i feel for everyone who has the sadness of the loss of someone most dear to them. We have all been touched by angels, no matter how long they were in our lives for.
Joe Steele

Building a memorial website has been a source of comfort to me and my children. It has helped us to remember all the good things we had as a family.
Carol Edwards

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