Creating A Place to Remember

MuchLoved was conceived by Jonathan Davies after his brother Philip died suddenly aged 21 whilst studying at Birmingham University and soon after his mother Pamela became ill and then passed away due to colon cancer.

Jonathan felt that a website memorial offered the chance to open new channels of communication for those affected by a bereavement and to offer them an additional grief support tool; to help express and share a whole range of deep emotions from great pain and sorrow through to everlasting pride and commemoration.

He tried to create a website memorial in memory of Philip but felt the available options were all inappropriate; sites were functionally too basic, rather commercial or lacking in design and grief support.

With the help of very generous volunteer technical support, MuchLoved was developed on a part-time basis until 2004 when Jonathan took the decision to work full-time in finalising the service.

MuchLoved is the working name of the MuchLoved Charitable Trust which was awarded Charity status in 2007. Its online memorial service is run by a board of trustees who are supported by an enthusiastic MuchLoved team that carry out most of the day to day support work and product development.

You can read a personal message from Jonathan called your place to remember or find out about our background and if you have any suggestions or ideas please do let us know so that we can continue to develop and improve the service in response to your needs.