MuchLoved Gardens

Welcome to the MuchLoved Remembrance Gardens.  Please feel free to visit the memorial sites made public by their Tribute Guardians, and placed across fifty beautiful virtual Gardens.

"What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.  All that we love deeply becomes a part of us."
- Helen Keller (Quote courtesy of the American Foundation for the Blind)

Welcome, please select a Remembrance Garden to visit...

Celestial Skies

(4 gardens with 1630 tributes)

Coral Gardens

(4 gardens with 1187 tributes)

Heavenly Sanctuary

(4 gardens with 2059 tributes)

Rolling Fields

(4 gardens with 1318 tributes)

The Village

(4 gardens with 1214 tributes)

Water Gardens

(4 gardens with 1390 tributes)

Wildlife Gardens

(4 gardens with 1633 tributes)

Fairytale Kingdom

(4 gardens with 637 tributes)

Woodland Trails

(4 gardens with 1532 tributes)

Floating Gardens

(4 gardens with 1347 tributes)

Floral Gardens

(4 gardens with 1848 tributes)

Spiritual Gardens

(4 gardens with 1439 tributes)

New Garden

(11 tributes)