Chinese Lanterns

Bringing light to homes and darkened streets,
Symbols of peace, celebration and remembrance of our loved ones,
These floating lanterns send our wishes to the sky.

Remembering, especially today...


1953 - 2007

Bob is much loved and will always be remembered by his friends and family. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Click on Life Story and Gallery to view postings.


1987 - 2010

mo was born on May 07, 1987. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Jason Pollock

1975 - 2011

Jason you will never know how much of an impact you made in everyones lives as you were one in a million. Our thoughts are with your wife Linda, your darling son Finlay and all of your family and friends at this very sad time. It was a pleasure knowing you and you will never be forgotten.

David Jordan Hirsch

1987 - 2007

David Hirsch was the beloved and remarkable son of Steven and Dianne; loving brother of Julie and Danny; adored grandson of Rosalyn and Sheldon Hirsch, Phyllis and the late Burt Sapoznick; treasured ...

Tributes recently added to this Garden

This site is a tribute to Jay, who was born in Ascot on August 22, 1973. He is much loved and will always be remembered.
This site is a tribute to Cha, who was born in Bellshill Scotland on October 09, 1978.
This site is a tribute to colin bangs, who was born in luton on September 20, 1995. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Cheryl Diana Grindle

March 27,1960 - October 24,2017

In Loving Memory Of Cheryl Grindle (Johnson), She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Ricky Fisher

1982 - 2005

Ricky Fisher was born in Spelthorne on September 06, 1982. He was much loved and is deeply missed by all his friends and family.

Shederick James

1918 - 2006

This site is a tribute to Shederick James, who was born in Bedlington, Northumberland on November 01, 1918. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Fundraising in memory of their Loved Ones

Gill Barnett

1950 - 2006

A fund to commemorate a mum, friend, daughter, sister and more She was Gill to some. Mum to Dan, Charlotte and me. Nanny to James and Noah, but a friend to everyone. She loved her family, the central point for all family occasions. She loved her friends, amateur dramatics, music, a good laugh, being silly and hoping no one was watching.

Julie Bell

1968 - 2010

Julie Bell (skunkster / precious) was born in Middlesbrough on July 13th, 1968. She is sadly missed and very much loved by her partner Alan and all her family, friends and her work colleagues at Jeans Kitchen.

Tony Bartlett

1961 - 2016

Tony was happily married to Sally, and a loving father to Arran and Georgia. Shortly before he became ill, he became a grandad to Leo, who he truly adored. He was well known throughout Ipswich, due to his welding trade. He was hardworking, kind, friendly and would do anything for anyone. He was "Simply The Best".

Joan Roby

1957 - 2013

Joan Roby was born on November 11, 1957. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family. Especially by her husband Keith, her mother Edith, her children Danny, Vicky and Becky and her 5 grandchildren.

Mike Ruffles

1957 - 2010

Mike, a much loved husband to Sally and Dad to Hannah We are indebted to the hospice for their unstinting help and support given to Mike and us during the latter stages of his illness. We hope that the money we raise for St Elizabeth's Hospice will be a positive legacy in Mike's memory.

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" Luisito "

1987 - 2007


1983 - 2005

Adenrele Emmanuel Abraham

1974 - 2012

Adrian 'Patrick' O'Neill

1957 - 2010


1988 - 2009

Albert Buenaobra Erestain

1983 - 2009


1965 - 2011

Alice (Jannali) Louise Smith

1979 - 2002

Alice Redmond

1983 - 2005

Amanda Leigh Feldman

1987 - 2008

Americo (Ricky) Irizarry Ricky

1975 - 2009

Andrea Ann Campbell

1970 - 2011

Andrew Aaron Derbyshire

1982 - 2012

Andrew Beach

1961 - 2011

Andrew C. Benedict

1986 - 2008

Andrew James Morgan

1987 - 2013