River Crossing

This bridge is the symbol of transition because when we cross,
it leads us to our new location.
And so it is with loss, that the bridge not only separates us from our loved one,
but helps keep us together.

Tributes in this Garden (363 tributes)

" Dickie "

"Raisin" Carney

A Bhaskaran

1919 - 2014

Adam Thompson

Adrian Charles Bawn

Agnes Johnston


Alan Best

Alan Mcgregor (Max)

1956 - 2021

Alan William Nield

1952 - 2021

Alex Griffiths

Allan Parker

Allie Alvarez

Allison Claire Beadmore

Alphonso Torrance

Amy Johnson

Andrew Waters

Andrew Wilson

1968 - 2013

Andrew Wrightson

1940 - 2015

Andy Mclean

Andy Shingler

Anna Dirkin

Annette Barrett

Annette Thangarajan

Arul Ganesh (Arul)


Arva Ruggle

Aston Augustus Du-Haney

1944 - 2022

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Audrey Hollow

Aunt Squirley

Barbara Anne Charlton

Barbara Green

Barrie Gale

Barry Hammond

Belen Granados Villanueva

Beryl Yates

Bhaiyya Jee


1954 - 2012

Bill Sears

Billy Keefe

Blanche Last


1937 - 2015


1950 - 2015

Bob Or Bobby

1945 - 2014

Brenda Irene Fradgley

Brenda Stephenson

Brian Crowson

Brian Edwin Scott

For my dad

Brian Ernest Smith

1934 - 2021